Rules and Cancellation

The guideline for Admission Cancellation and Fee Refund Policy is as under:

Cancellation of Admission

  1. For the cancellation of admission, a candidate has to apply in the prescribed form duly signed by him/her and counter signed by his/her parent/guardian at respective Institute.
  2. The candidate has to enclose the original fee receipt & photocopy of “No-Due” (Original submit at respective Institute) along with the form.

Refund of Fees:

  1. The refund of fees as applicable shall be made in due course
  2. Refund shall be made after deduction of the processing/cancellation charges as per the guideline given by DTE, Mumbai.
  3. The candidate may collect the cheque of refund from Student Section of concerned institute or it will be mailed by Speed post or courier to the candidate as per the option selected by you after completion of Admission Process.
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